.Net Licensing
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.Net Licensing is a lightweight yet comprehensive licensing solution.

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.Net Licensing Description

.Net Licensing is a lightweight yet comprehensive licensing solution for Microsoft .Net platform. Protect your .Net components and applications from illegal use.

This solution, provided as a .Net component, provides the same level security as signing your .Net Assembly, and gives you utmost control and flexibility. We use this solution extensively for all our products, including this product itself.

Everything is under your control

All licenses are published through your own web service. You have full control on when and how a license should be published: with or without a license key, valid for certain period, or upgradable with future versions within certain period, etc; A license can contain multiple license items (features) you can grant or revoke accordingly; You can even disable a refunded license key for future use. Everything is under your control.

Same level security as signing your .Net assembly

Each license is digitally signed and verified with the same strong name key used to sign your protected .Net assembly. Only your own license publisher web service can access the private key. This provides the same level security as signing your .Net assembly. Unless your private key is compromised, the verified license can always to trusted.

Using the same assembly strong name key also reduces the number of keys to manage and improves the security.

.Net Licensing Screenshots

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What's New in .Net Licensing 1.1.3641

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.Net Licensing Requirements

Operating Systems:

Windows XP, 2000, 98

System Requirements:

No additional system requirements.

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